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And It Came to Pass
And the Graves Were Opened
After This Manner Pray
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Calvinism and the Confessions
Difficult Sayings of the Saviour
He Descended Into Hell
New Testament Symbolism
Selah, Shalom, and Amen
The Believer's Crowns
The Hope Within
What is Truth?
Bible and Divorce
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Accursed From Christ
The Church Covenant
What is Hell Like?
What is Heaven Like?
Free-will Fiction
Who is a Fundamentalist?
Paying the Rent
When Will Jesus Come?
A Sin Unto Death
Unable to Sin
What is the Unpardonable Sin?
Since Jesus Came
What is Close Communion?
Falling Away-Book of Hebrews
Managing The Masculine
What Time is This?
The Olivet Discourse
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Cain's Wife
Millennium Part 1
Millennium Part 2
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Sacrament....Lord's Supper
The Face of the Christian
Hypocrisy Exposed!
 Destroying the Planet

Preaching a Good Sermon
The Christi... Meditation
Exploring a Divine Promise
Was the Crucifixion on Friday?
Understanding Bk of Revelation
My Earthly Journey

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Roger Maslin is a Retired Southern Baptist Minister. He earned his B.A. in Bible at Wheaton College; his M.A. in Religion at Baylor University; his M.Div, in Theology at Southern Baptist Seminary; his Dr. of Ministry at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. The articles on this web page were written after the age of 80 as a legacy of faith for family and friends. They were written to state "What I believe and Why I believe it." Many of them have been published in a weekly Baptist paper. They are being shared here for public perusal. "If the Lord wills," more articles of interest will be added. Please visit this site again.


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